Below are testimonials submitted by satisfied patients:

Eric Bryan

Dr. Kronlage and his surgical ability was a miracle from God to me!!!! In the image, Eric Bryan uses his reconstructed elbow to build houses on a mission trip in El Salvadore.

Eric Bryan

(Would you recommend Dr. Kronlage to others?) “Absolutely! Excellent information, excellent and professional delivery of options and concerns. Perfect presentation!”


“Awesome all the way around. Great office staff – all staff are very friendly and personable! Pleasant experience every time!”


“I have always enjoyed my visits, phone calls and appointments. Everyone who works there seems to like their job and know what they are doing, which to me is a rare find. Thank you!!”


“Excellent environment overall!! Dr. Kronlage is superb, professional, insightful and thorough. I love that you work patients in right after their tests are performed. Way to go with patient advocacy!”